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When Shaky's hit the big time in early eighties, many budget labels started to take advantage of his success, reissuing much of Shaky's early recordings with the Sunsets including previously unreleased rehearsal/demo tracks. These were often poor quality substandard recordings never intended for release and packaged with a picture sleeve using a recent photo that could be described as deceptive.
Some of the better releases came from Magnum Force who used period photographs. Among these was the album "Classics", which included two previously unreleased solo recordings, "Your True Love" and "Rockabilly Rock". Another Magnum release was "At The Rock House" which was released both in a red and blue sleeves and featured studio chit chat between the band during the recording sessions.

Released SINGLES Label
1980 You Mostest Girl / Memphis Earthquake / Evil Hearted / My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (UK) Magnum Force MFEP-001
1981 It Came Out Of The Sky (Germany) Strand 6.13100
1981 Jungle Rock / Girl In Red Killroy KS3434KF
Apr 81 Jungle Rock / Girl In Red Battle Of The Band BOB-2
1981 Jungle Rock / Girl In Red (Spain) Victoria
1981 Jungle Rock / Girl In Red (Germany) Intercord INT-110.115
Aug 81 No Other Baby / Manhattan Melodrama (UK) Mint CHEW-51
1976 Jungle Rock / Girl In Red (Germany) Yum Yum 16-866
1982 Jungle Rock / Girl In Red (Italy) Durium DE-3198
1982 It's Rock 'n' Roll - I Told You So / Sexy Ways (Germany) Intercord INT 113-008
1982 Donna / Outlaw Man (Spain) Ariola 104-138-100
Feb 82 Frantic / My Baby Died / Ready Teady / Monkey's Uncle / Tear It Up (UK) Magnum Force MFEP-007
Oct 82 Tiger / Give Me A Break Everest RAY-1
Jan 83 Tiger / Sweet Little Sixteen / Give Me A Break (picture disc) Everest EV-1000
Feb 83 Justine / Jungle Rock / Story Of The Rockers / My Baby Died (UK) Magnum Force MFEP-010
1983 Two Hearts Two Kisses / Nut Rocker (Sweden) Sunrock SR-030
   Two Hearts Two Kisses / Nut Rocker (Sweden) coloured vinyl Sunrock
1983 Reet Petite / Jungle Rock (Germany) Bellarphon
1983 Tiger / Do The Bop (Germany) Orchestrola ORC-17004
1983 Donna / Outlaw Man (Spain) Discos Belter 1-10.310-
? Donna / Sugaree (Germany) Astan 104-138
? Get Back John / Outlaw Man (Germany) Astan 104-139
1982 Get Back John / Outlaw Man (Italy) Durium
1983 You Mostest Girl / Memphis Earthquake / My Bucket's Got A Hole In It / Evil Hearted (Poland) Arston AS-009
1983 Sweet Little Sixteen / Girl In Red (Germany) Hafenklang Records 6.13-716
1979 C'mon Memphis (Holland) 12" LP Dynamite DYR-3306
Sep 79 A Legend (UK) EMI NUT-25
Oct 81 Rock On With A Legend (UK) MFP 50544
1981 Rockin' On (New Zeeland) Music World EMS-1062
1981 Shake Baby Shake (France) Big Beat BBR-1002
1981 Collection (Germany) EMI 1C 028-64 535
1981 Shakin' (Germany) Strand Records 6.24694
1981 Manhattan Melodrama (Germany) Strand Records 6.24926
Jul 81 Manhattan Melodrama Mint JULEP-19
Aug 81 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets Mint JULEP-20
1981 At The Rock House (UK) red sleave Magnum Force MFLP-004
1981 At The Rock House (UK) blue sleeve Magnum Force MFLP-004
1981 Manhattan Melodrama (UK) C.J.S. Records RJS-1
1981 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (UK) charted Hallmark SHM-3065
Sep 81 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (UK) charted Pickwick CN-2046
1982 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (UK) Pickwick CNV-2046
1982 Rockin' On (Australia) gatefold 2 x LP Telmak TMAK-064
1982 In The Beginning (Poland) Prontit PLP-0027
1982 Tiger (France) Everest GBR-1000
1983 Tiger (France) (picture disc) ? Everest CBR-1000
1983 Tiger (Canada) RCA KYL1 0513
1982 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (France) box set 2 x LP with poster Everest BCBR-1001
1982 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (Sweden) Marian Records
1982 Jungle Rock (Holland) Hep Records HN 4531
1982 The Teenage Idol (Germany) 2 x LP Time Wind 50100
1982 Sexy Ways (Germany) Red Dynamite
1982 Shake It Up (Germany) Red Dynamite
1982 Shakin' Stevens (Denmark) AR -30008
1982 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (Germany) 2 x LP World Star DLP 1-777
1982 From Memphis To New Orleans (Germany) Strand Records 6.25539
1982 Profile (Germany) Strand Records 6.25051
1982 Die Weisse Serie - Extra Ausgabe (Germany) Strand Records 6.25219AF
1982 The Early Days (Germany) Astan 204 641
1982 The Early Days (picture disc) Astan
1983 The Rocker (Germany) Telefunken
1983 Stars And Music (Germany) Teldec 6.25745
1983 Greatest Hits Featuring Rocking Louie (Germany) Masters MA 7785
1983 Silver Wings (Germany) Astan 20003
1983 Silver Wings (Germany) picture disc Astan ML 20003
1983 Rockabilly Greatest Hits (Germany) Astan 20004
1983 Rockabilly Greatest Hits (Germany) Astan PD-20004
1983 Nut Rocker (Holland) Hep Records HN 4771
1983 Lonesome Town (Sweden) Sunrock Records SRLP 832
1983 Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (Mexico) tittles in Spanish   
Nov 83 Classics (UK) Magnum Force MFM-019
1984 Classics (Holland) BR Music MFM-019
? Classics (Yoguslavia) LZA DIT-11102
Sep 84 Rockin' & Shakin' With Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (UK) Hallmark SHM-3149
1984 Shakin' Stevens (UK) gatefold 2 x LP 24 songs Premier PPD 2003
1984 Tiger (UK) Premier CBR-1000
1984 Tiger (Germany) Orchestrola 75014
1984 Story Of The Rockers (Germany) 2 x LP Astan 80001
1984 Baby Blue (Germany) Astan 20136
1984 The Rock'n Shaky (Germany) 2 x LP 22 tracks DLP 2-777
1984 The Rock'n Shaki (Denmark) picture disc PD 40001
1984 The Ultimate Rock'n Roller (France) Big Beat Records BBR 1018
Jun 85 Twenty Rockabilly Classics (UK) Meteor SMT-004
1985 Manhattan Melodrama (UK) Warwick WW-2003
1985 Hop Bop And Rock (Holland) Success 205610
1986 Elvis Presley & Shakin' Stevens Vol.1 (Holland) Success LP 207110
1986 Elvis Presley & Shakin' Stevens Vol.2 (Holland) Success LP 207110
1986 The Collection (West Germany) gatefold 2 x LP Castle Communications CCSLP-153
1989 Reet Petite (EEC) Success 21771 LP
? Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets (Yugoslavia) Diskos
? The Very Best Of Shakin' Stevens (Germany) box set 3 x LP Star Box 3915
1985 The Original Shakin' Stevens & the Sunsets (UK) 2 x Cassette Chevron CHV-339
1986 Shakin' All Over 1986 (UK) 2 x Cassette Ditto DTO-10242

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